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The first Rambo movie is a great film, it's the last hurrah of the gritty 70s' loner hero/anti hero. Personal favourite scene is the escape on the motorcross bike, brilliant riding, love the sound of the engine.

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Lol in regards to people saying they want something upbeat. Never listen to "people" they mainly can't find their ass with two hands. They just say things to say things.

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It really is a time capsule of cold war (and post cold war AFPAK) shenanigans.

Good, cheesy fun.

It's interesting that in Rambo 1, John doesn't actually kill anyone himself though. It's a better movie than memory told me it was.

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If I recall, underneath the action, the theme was how the American GI came home from Vietnam and found himself forsaken. He did what his country conscripted him to do, and he came home and was spat upon.

Perhaps a talented film maker in our sphere, could make a similar film about the war on terror. Reality is rich with material.

American vet goes over to Iraq. He comes home and finds a mosque erected in his hometown and a statue of his great-great-great-grandfather smothered in anti-white graffiti and then removed by the unanimous vote of a Muslim and black coalition town council. Other characters are friends who are dying of overdose and struggling to find work. One stays in the military but can't get a promotion and is subjected to anti-white racism. This friend tries to establish a commission and bureau and funding for dealing with veteran opiod and suicide epidemics, but he is ignored and then he finds the emails and plans of the pharma company intentionally spreading these drugs all over small town America. That thread can unwind.

Back to our main character, if we want a new Rambo, we have an action hero. There are a series of vicious rapes and murders of young white women in his county. So here is a real story from America we could modify to install some action into. This true story comes from a town in deplorable land - a place that is still almost entirely white but the surrounding areas are full of immigrants. My last visit I saw some Star Wars bar scene mutants with hijabs and physiognomy from some unknown SubSaharan far away land - at a Costco filling their van with goodies - no doubt paid for by the local taxpayer. In any rate, this is a true story gleaned from some law enforcement banter where someone asked for their best transport story.

There was a vicious rape and murder of a 19 year old, beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed white princess at the local college. It turned out that a Mexican cartel member killed her. He had a job at the college as a security guard. There he could sell his fentanyl and meth and other sordid drugs. He modified his car and installed a cop car cage and added signage that made it look like he was official law enforcement. One day, the young girl felt menaced and turned to the cartel gangster for safety. He put her in the car and raped and murdered her.

After the arraignment, he needed to be transported back to the maximum security prison. During the trip, the transport van was surrounded and stopped by multiple vehicles and a large cadre of cartel members. Fortunately for the security van detail, they had taken precautions and the cartel's convoy was in turn surrounded by a small army of law enforcement that had prepared. The cartel hijacking convoy was heavily armed like a breeching platoon in Iraq. The law enforcement won the standoff as they had superior numbers and enough munitions to be a small para-military force.

How much money and resources does this poor American community have to spend just to transport illegal cartel invaders to and from hearings in our court system? How many of our daughters will be raped and killed when this never would have happened if we enforced our border and were appropriately ruthless in enforcing our laws? What happens when America can't afford to bolster such communities with arms and law enforcement and a subsidized court system over burdened with crime that wouldn't exist if this were America.

Perhaps the action takes place around a more elaborate version of this scene. You could have the rogue law enforcement led by the veteran. He is doing his best, but in the process he is betrayed by every institution that we pay to support him.

What am I saying here? I am saying that Rambo's real theme was the betrayal of the American war fighter and the communities all over America that gave birth to him, and thus the betrayal of America herself. The sequels were sort of redemption pieces of propaganda designed to show that The Regime was back on America's side as we worked together to fight the evil Russians.

The Vietnam betrayal was immense and terrible. It was just a prelude to the ongoing GWOT betrayals and the coup we are living through. I am glad I thought about this, because it bolsters the case for white men walking away from the military en masse. It is a terrible dilemma. If we walk away we surrender the last institution we hold power in and it is the institution that could blow us to smithereens. It is also currently headed by rabid and open anti-white people. On the other hand, if we enlist and fight, we we fight for a Regime that is literally promoting the destruction of our very existence.

Sorry for the long post. I guess I needed to get the immense betrayals of our people who give their lives and future sanity in service to what they thought was all that is good, to what has turned out to be the most malignant and purest of all evils.

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I absolutely love your classic movie reviews. The two of you just knock them out of the park. Had a thought concerning your theory. I have definitely noticed the pattern you mentioned but I don't think it's a deliberate psyop on the part of the Cathedral. Rather it's just the pop culture behemoth slowly catching on to where the zeitgeist is going. We saw the same pattern during the oughts with the atrocious antiwar movies slowly giving way to anti government / pro military ones.

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