Somebody has restacked my essay with this huffy commentary. The substance of this comment I have no response to because I never made the claim that Ukraine had no choice but to fight. I absolutely understand that they have to fight. The purpose of the essay was to place the conflict into a wider context of civilizational Winter and decline.

''Since Morgoth does not have the minimal courage to let his replies open unless you give him money, which won’t happen…

Ukrainians do NOT have a choice. The threat of transsexuality and gayness is REMOTE. There will never, ever be a comparison between being a vassal to a power thousands of miles away, like the US, to being absorbed by the nearby empire and ethnically cleansed - as that is what Russia is doing through “denazification” - it erases ethnic, nationalist conscience from the Ukrainian mind.

Ukraine does NOT have a choice, because it is small and poor, and only ONE entity on the entire planet, the US/NATO, is willing to provide it with weapons to remain in the fight.

You think that paying lip service to Sarah Ashton Cirrillo or whatever his name, or doing the bare minimum so the shitlibs in DC have something to show to people moaning they are funding Nazis is such a bad thing?

What’s the alternative, Morgoth? Other than allowing the country to be engulfed by the neo-Russian Empire?

You should know better than most that this is a very simple struggle for power over land and resources. Traditions, ideologies and more are for the plebe to consume. What matters is who owns the goods.

Remember, Ukraine has no other choices. Only one entity will help it. And it has to compromise with that entity, which is corrupt and decaying, yes. But survival is a binary thing. Either you survive, and yes you will likely change, or you succumb, and there won’t be a YOU any longer to worry about transsexuals and Pride parades.


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This is a beautifully written piece, and it really delineates why “taking sides” in the war is such a ridiculous thing to do. People who can’t find Ukraine on a map or have the slightest notion of why Russia might not want to be surrounded by NATO countries paint their cars yellow and blue and plant Ukrainian flags in their yards. And while Putin may talk about the moral degeneracy of the West he has not, with all his many years of power and wealth, done very much for his beloved country. The degenerate West is sitting with their knives in the conflict, looking to make money out of it both now and later.

I’ve always been a Russophile, without a drop of Slavic blood their history and literature fascinate me. My first two children are named after the ill fated and not very bright nor good last tsar and tsarina of Russia, now orthodox martyrs. I want to see Russia win but because I want to see the US humiliated. I am ashamed of our part in prolonging the hostilities rather than allowing someone else to broker a peace. We seem to want to destroy Putin not because he invaded a sovereign nation, a novelty position for Ukraine historically, but because he doesn’t like homosexuals and probably really hates trannies. Foreign policy has definitely fallen from grace.

Your position is the correct one, we no longer inhabit a world in which war can have meaning large or small beyond furthering the business as usual model of the West while the elite cull the ever crumbling bits of nationalism and grind them finer. The pictures accompanying the piece are pitch perfect and terrifying. This is the landscape we all inhabit metaphysically now and regardless of how post post post Christian we become metaphysics are real and man was not meant to live this way.

So much in this one, and the WWI references are heartbreaking. Really thought provoking, thank you.

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We can't forget that being drafted into war is a very appealing prospect for young men whose minds are not fully formed and are inclined to feel anguish about the meaninglessness of life.

Another Great War poet, Rupert Brooke, was going off his head, it seems largely on account of his chasing unfaithful women, until his torment was cured by the prospect of engagement in war. After witnessing war for the first time in Antwerp, he said, "... apart from the tragedy - I've never felt happier or better in my life that in those days in Belgium."

He wrote that, "... war is not altogether an evil: it cleans and purifies: it invigorates...", being preferable to "a shameful peace."

As he embarked for the Dardanelles in March 1915, "I've never been so happy in my life... the ambition of my life has been - since I was two - to go on a military expedition against Constantinople." He died of septicaemia before he got there.

An Irish man, Finbar Cafferkey, was killed about a week ago while fighting for Ukraine. He had a record of fighting in foreign conflicts, and had fought against ISIS alongside the Kurds in Syria. He also helped migrants enter Europe at the Greek border with Macedonia. In another twist, his brother is the boyfriend of former Green Party politician Saoirse McHugh, who was recorded a few years ago saying she secretly believed there should be "no borders anywhere."

While all this is going on his own country is being invaded under the direction of its government, yet fighting against that would I guess have been reprehensible to him. He probably would have argued, in line with the power structure's declaration, that it's not an invasion at all. Does any story better sum up the confusion of the modern man and his misdirected impulse to do something good or something that might be perceived as good?

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Beautiful analysis and use of Beksinski’s art, which is genuinely disturbing and quite fitting for a discussion of this dreadful war. I have watched many hours of The Duran over the past 437 days; when a livestream ends I feel convinced that Russia will win, and they are right, then a few hours later I feel none the wiser... I grew up in a country (Northern Ireland) which had a small-scale geopolitical war known as ‘The Troubles’. It began as some civil unrest in 1969. It did not end until 1998, and even then violence continued to be perpetrated by groups that did not agree with the cessation. You can start a war whenever you like, but you will find it far harder to end one. Especially when no one in the wider world seems to particularly care, and has one eye on carpetbagging the ashes.

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Intresting analysis.

All Empires grow until they over reach and contract. Whatever we think about Ukraine/ Russia this is looking like the Global American Empire's high water mark.

This will hopefully open up opportunities for different paradigms to be advocated.

For myself as an English man Russian victory is positive. My country got captured by the Global American Empire (ZOG) in 1945 and never broke free.

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Dear Mr. Morgoth, I would like to commend you for taking such a strong stance on the question of a certain illness and everything related to it (and taking criticism for that) as well as for your restrained position on the war. You put the reasons for that eloquently in this very thought-provoking piece. Please continue to listen to your instincts (or whatever else was the basis for these decisions). I am not sure I properly understood your concluding sentence, though. Do these people from exotic lands really want to turn us into a Beksinski painting? We seem to be doing a very good job of that by ourselves. It´s clear that they want power in relative or absolute terms, if only to be able to resist the West. But the rise of Nietzsche´s last man appears to be a highly contagious phenomenon, even across borders and continents (consider South Korea), so wouldn´t it be better to try and weaken your opponent with traditional means, rather than toy with what appears to be a very dangerous mind-virus?

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"Oriental men in suits and Arabs in traditional garb meet with Indians and together they discuss and analyze supply chains and economic systems."

This enraged me, while European men blow each other to bits foreigners are just taking over our homelands and positions of power and the dopes don't seem to bat an eye.

I have seen young British men going of to fight to defend the borders of Ukraine meanwhile their own homeland has no borders and is run by A Pakistani man,

They cry about the Russian colonization of Ukraine meanwhile their own homeland has been colonized by Jewish finance and their cities are now occupied by the refuse of the third world,

But if you point this out to the fucking morons as I recently did with A British youtuber you just get blocked or called A "racist" 🤦‍♂️

"Slava Ukraine" but also race doesn't exist and borders are just imaginary lines drawn on maps.

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This is fabulous work, Morgoth, fabulous. Unrelentingly bleak, yes, but these are truths and they must be spoken and faced. I am not sure, though, that the Chinese, the Indians or the Arabs want to reduce the West to a Beksinksi painting. But they do sense that the GAE is tottering and so they are making moves to position themselves more favourably in relation to the West. It's rather like an ageing Mafia boss or warlord scenario: when other subordinate gangs sense his power is on the wane, they move to enhance their own positions.

I think that we may well be heading for a Beksinksi scenario but entirely through our own devices and nothing to do with the Chinese or the Indians.

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Brother wars are a tragedy no matter the era, but the poignancy of this one, the sheer pointless waste of it all, is captured perfectly here. Russia placed in an impossible situation by NATO, Ukraine fighting so they can absorbed into the globoho amoeba and have the nation they fight for dissolved in the acid of mass immigration and gender theory. Slavs killing Slavs for Washington's benefit, all while Europe's economy gradually collapses in on itself.

On the other hand the war is also hollowing out the Western economy. Financial sanctions provided the impetus for de-dollarization, which is rapidly eroding the West's ability to project power. China is the only obvious beneficiary ... Still, if economic conditions in the West deteriorate to the degree they easily could, our countries will be far less attractive destinations for migration. Some, perhaps many, recent arrivals may go back home.

Or, the disappearance of material comfort could lead to a Hobbesian ethnic war, with immigrant ghettoes serving as beachheads for foreign powers looking to subjugate the West once and for all.

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My God, Morgoth, that was unremittingly bleak. A beautifully wrought piece, and one which cuts to the almost indescribably grim heart of the matter.

I will need to reread this several times, I think, and reflect.

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Wars of yore, for you and yours,

Lores of war, not true of cause.

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Very well written piece. I like when ideas are carefully and succinctly expressed. So much of the web is rambling sprawling commentary so it's nice to read something compact and precise. Anything to do with the Slavic world I turn to Matt Johnson The Orthodox Nationalist. He was a university lecturer and it shows because he lays the information out like a lesson plan.

Anyway, excellent thought-provoking piece of work.

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The unease of the pictures always seemed to clearly indicate to me that the current course of events were going to lead to these states. In the Soviet era, this was excellent foresight into what the Soviet bloc would become. It doesn't matter if it's the dinge of Russia or the modernism of China. There is so little humanity in any of it now. And now, the West, what was the hope of the world in the 80s, has steered itself down the same road, with the same world dominance that Marx predicted. What escape is there? Taking sides here is meaningless. We only have different amounts to lose.

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The irony of like and subscribe in a war zone.


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This was an interesting essay, as I was reading it, I'd form objections and counter points; only to find that you'd anticipated me and using much the same language I was forming, you answered me. Odd feeling.

I'm in a conflicted place in this Slav-on-Slav warfare. I was raised and literally trained to distrust Russians. Yet I have little answer to Putin's rhetoric about the decadence of the West. He is right there. But he is wrong in his remedy and since he is Russian, I have to assume the rhetoric is a truth to cover some other deception. At the same time, I feel the Ukrainians do indeed have a right to self determination...except that Zelensky is rather nakedly a prop and puppet of Western Oligarchs. The chorus of people willing to fight to the last Ukrainian is a roll call of villainy that would not be out of place in Ian Fleming's light fiction.

In the end, I think this is about geography more than politics and more than demographics. The plains of Hungary, Poland and Ukraine are not going away. The paranoiacs that are bred in each Russian generation are quite aware of this and they are moving to re-assert the Warsaw Pact borders or as close to it as they can manage. This will be a generational struggle, unless it ends very soon.

And the Oligarchs who run the West behind the elected puppets? They are gutting a geopolitical rival at a bargain price and with no precious, tender, milk-soft Western skin being risked at all.

But if this play we call history does not come to an end and the Author steps onto the stage, then this too is just another passage in the story of the West. Let it be an object lesson and a caution to whatever or whomever lights the fire of civilization in some future epoch.

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