The NMPB position is analogous to the posture of Achilles in Iliad, when he refused to fight, choosing to stay in his tent because Agamemnon had stolen Briseis from him. Basically, he went on strike. That's essentially what we're doing: we refuse to support a system that holds us in open contempt and refuses to give us our due.

Given the recruiting problems in the woke US armed forces, this isn't only an attitude taken by internet edgelords. The sentiment of, fuck your wars, fuck your society, we're happy to let it all burn, is a widespread one. The elite have painted themselves into an untenable narrative corner. They have no legitimacy whatsoever with conservative whites, but they stand at the helm of a white supremacist patriarchy (according to them) and therefore their legitimacy is also shaky at best with the left. They can rent loyalty as long as the money lasts, but the fealty of mercenaries is notoriously fickle, and they've nothing else to rely upon as they've destroyed any basis for organic loyalty.

But as you say, foreign adversaries may in fact be worse. So wat do?

I say, for now, not a damn thing. Or, more accurately: just what we've been continuing to do. Refuse to support people who hate us. Let the elite continue to bleed legitimacy. Make it clear that if they are to have our participation, there will be concessions. Right now it's a choice between destruction and destruction, so until we're offered something better, there's not much motivation to support anyone.

Personally, I tend to suspect that the elite have gotten very high on their own supply and will not make any concessions. I also suspect that their lack of legitimacy is going to bring them down sooner rather than later. The replacement will be some combination of impatient tech bros (Elon et al), populist firebrands (JD Vance etc), an intellectual vanguard provided by the cream of the very online commentariat, and possibly a helping hand provided by ambitious and disaffected military officers. There's enormous discontent bubbling under the surface right now, and as things get worse, which they definitely will, people are going to start being a lot more open to alternatives.

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I have two observations:

Firstly, Mr. Morgoth, you are not an average guy and there is no use pretending that you are. Period.

Secondly, the last few years have shown very clearly, at least to me, that there is no point whatsoever in trying to negotiate any kind of "arrangement" with whoever is in power in the West right now. There simply is no good faith to be had from them. Most external factions have at least not conclusively demonstrated, with the same certainty, that they cannot be negotiated with. I think we should keep that in mind.

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A sense of desperation is growing fast among those of us who are awake and I can smell it emanating from these excellent words Morgoth. Our problem is multifaceted. We all know who rules over the West, particularly the US and UK. The last three weeks have further clarified this - the value of an Israeli teenage girls life is incalculable compared to a white 12 year old in Rotherham. Yet the irony is not lost that it is the parasitic class who have coerced every Western nation to be infiltrated with far left thinking and mass migration that has suddenly turned on Israel in our major cities in the last few weeks. I cannot see any political path to a "white's first" government in any Western nation. The only country that genuinely seems compatible and sustainable with my values is Russia and their strongman Putin. I don't know what it will take for a global white collective movement to emerge to secure the future of our children and grandchildren.

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Excellent and sobering. The not taking sides has actually been a key strength in your writing because the sides are always found wanting. I think our leaders are maniacs, incapable of good decision making, certainly unequal to the crisis at hand. When the most powerful country in the world is headed by a senile old man what message does that send ? There has been a leadership vacuum and a general lack of seriousness throughout the west for a long time, as if nothing important or dangerous could happen anymore. When protecting trannies becomes the main purpose of your criminal justice system how can you even identify a real threat? It will be bad and it may be sooner than we think, and I don’t believe there will be even a half hearted attempt to resist.

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You make the assumption most people are sane. Firstly there are no dissident women, and 50% of the voter base is famale. Meaning endless supply of votes as long as the media drills The Message into their Netflix shows. Women are way more suceptable than men to social coditioning. Secondly, the Youth is rotten. Even in the third world country i write, the youth is gae af, supporting the message and totally brainwashed.

If the right wishes to restore sanity it must do so by force of arms, and before zoomers grow up. I'm thinking strong men with military backing and support from the minority of people who are still sane. We don't need an austrian painter but we do need Francos and Pinochets.

Media must be purged and school curriculums re-written. We're on the clock for this. If this youth gets to power positions we are deeply fucked.

Of course this would need to be done without the majority's consent. But honestly who fucking cares? Real change requires a figure that is like trump but doesnt give a rat's ass about public opinion.

We need warriors not politicians.

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You could join me in semi-delusionally clinging onto the hope (like an unchecked lottery ticket) that the emperor is out there lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to reveal himself and lead us all into the light.

To be quite honest with you Morgoth I’ve always considered you to be our secular John the Baptist, paving the way for our ruler to reveal himself.... (no pressure)

So take heed in that, you have no idea how important your thoughts on our plight are and who is taking notice out there.

Keep speaking the truth brother, we win in the end.

If you fancy taking a sharp turn and becoming a religious extremist (in meinkraft) then I’m also fine with that too lol

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On the topic of counter elites, I've done my best to put on a Machiavelli/James Burnham hat and look at things as they are, not as I would prefer them to be.

The only possible counter elites I can identify (in the US) are this class of business, finance, and tech leaders that has come to prominence in politics and political discourse in the last 8 years. People like Peter Thiel, Blake Masters, JD Vance, Elon Musk, and of course Donald Trump. People like Masters and Musk have said some rather spicy things the last couple years, at least by today's standards.

They all have the abilities and resources to be the top elites, are not quite in sync with the extremes of the left, and, for the ones younger than Trump, can see where the anti-white initiatives would negatively impact them eventually. Spengler said that the coming Caesars would have "command of the most modern means." What are the means of our time but business and technology, and who commands it?

That little goblin Curtis Yarvin (who has deep ties to Thiel and Masters) has rather conveniently re-emerged from the depths of the old Internet to give this class of elites their own philosophy to justify their potential rule, neo-monarchism/neo-reactionism. If they are as ruthless with ruling the country as they are in business, I could see a modicum of stability and (enforced) unity occurring.

We see a prototype of this in El Salvador's Nayib Bukele.

Of course, I don't for one moment think they are Our Guys, but again, we have to deal with things as they are, not as we prefer them to be. We'll see.

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That was a superb article as always. Rammstein are a strange beast. The song Amerika is not pro American in anyway shape or form. I'm not a particular Rammstein fan however I would see much of their work as being a mixture of disgust and contempt for the world we're forced to live in coupled with an element of wallowing in the filth.

Mein Teil would be a prime example of this.

Another example would be the song Deutchsland, the video shows the history of Germany from Arminus through Frederick Barbarossa, the reformation, to the Weimar Republic, the Nazi's, the DDR and the Bader Meinhoff gang to the final full stop of modernity.

At the end of the video Germania is giving birth to a Leonberger puppy. The Leonberger is a protected breed in Germany which nearly went extinct and is supported by german government funding while the Germans themselves are going extinct and that's seen as either a good thing or "well what do you mean by Germans ".

The sensible thing would have been for our elites to realise after 9/11 that multi culturalism doesn't work and just stop issuing Visa's to non whites from countries that burn our flags in the streets and stop accepting asylum requests from countries we've bombed to dust. They could have done that quite easily with with minimal push back from the majority populations of their countries. Instead they chose to demonise people like Tommy Robinson as fascists and Nazi's.

Instead they allowed MILLIONS of our enemies into our ancestral homelands and the when events like those of October 6th take place stand shoulder to shoulder with "our greatest ally" like its 2005 in the knowledge that blood will flow on Europe's steets as a result. See the shooting of the Swedish football fans in Belgium by an escaped prisoner from Tunisia.

To paraphrase Auron Macintyre "I'd like a government that cares as much about me as it does about a random Ukranian/Isreali/Palestinian ".

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To walk back the woke at this point essentially means starting from scratch.

Politics, police, army, education media.

Each limb would have to routed simultaneously.

Nothing less of a military coup and martial law would suffice.

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I guess I don't think of the struggle in racial terms. I find I have more in common with devout Sikhs and Muslims who hate wokness than I do with Ivy League grads who go to work for the Intelligence agencies. I get along better with African and South American Christians than I do White Wine Moms. Perhaps it is time to form tribes based on values. Treat people kindly and see who returns the favor...and who cheers on the terrorists.

Because the monsters are out there, they've already tribed up. They've taken over Portland Oregon and less obviously, other metropolitan areas. BLM has received BILLIONS of dollars in donations and it isn't all going to Buy Large Mansions.

I'm well armed. My friends are well armed. We're open to making more friends, so long as they aren't the type to despise us and our 'quaint' beliefs.

Draw lines, make local friends, be as self reliant as you can be. And watch the weather, prepare for the storms.

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Excellent! Peak Morgoth!

I think whichever route Power takes, trouble will arrive on our doorsteps nonetheless.

If Power were to ‘put the woke away’, it would mean them having to emancipate us to some degree even if this was entirely for their own interests to use us as a weapon - albeit inadvertently on our behalf - against emerging domestic threats and retain their hegemony. To reach out a hand to help pull us up off our knees now - after several decades spent disarming us to the extent we cannot speak freely while vilifying and humiliating us daily at every opportunity - would be like deciding to take the muzzle and chain off an exasperated pit bull that they’ve been aggravating and whipping and prodding at with a cane beforehand. Even if they weren’t immediately mauled and said dog charged off and began to chase down and sink teeth and terror into others who mocked it in it’s formerly helpless state, they’d flee from the danger before they were next and wouldn’t dare to try and put the chain and muzzle back on it again.

Moreover, their pleasure at seeing us suffer in such a cruel and inhumane manner inflicted by this ideology which lashes out at the very souls of it’s victims far outweighs the importance of a strategic solution to counter or negate some future threat or hardship, however severe to them it may be. I’ve come to be of the opinion that they’re far more malicious and wicked than perhaps many people could believe, but yet they are not quite as shrewdly intelligent as some fear they are, either.

That’s not to say they are stupid because they aren’t or that they aren’t dangerous because they are, but the more power that Power itself seems to have, the more careless and ‘living for the now’ they seem to become, with little thought or regard for the past and even less concern for the future. Given the positions they’re in, this in of itself suggests that they’re not the brightest stars in the sky to say the least. On the other hand, continuing to stay in their lane and move along with the extreme woke agenda is akin to them placing a bomb under their own seats of power and not caring because it’s been primed to explode, but not to worry, because it’s not happened yet, suggests the same lack of self preservation and intelligence.

A third possibility is the advent of a WW3 which doesn’t seem to be as distant and futuristic as the concept once seemed. I don’t need to exercise my imagination very much to see it happening imminently, and some are saying we are actually already in the prelude to it. I’m not sure which is the best scenario for us as it seems we’re going to be in for a rough ride in any case, but one way or another this untenable state of affairs has existed for longer in the past than it will continue to do so in the future.

Until such a time comes, we don’t have to buy the crap they’re selling; we don’t have to obediently stop and remove the ‘Ukraine Vs Russia’ cassette and pop in the ‘Palestine Vs Israel’ one and the same goes for any of their nonsense. The circumstances aren’t favourable to us for the moment, but we can flip em the bird and carry on - for now - while they’re busy building their own gallows.

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I was hoping that the right-wing populist revolt (Trump, MAGA, Brexit, etc) would be enough to right the ship. Instead, I saw entrenched ideological resistance as battle lines were drawn, with the Deep State and its NPC droid army pushing back at every turn, refusing to let MAGA save the country in spite of itself. Trump may have made a valiant stand, but it just wasn't enough, and my hopes were dashed. Thus, I started leaning towards the Russia-China axis (BRICS), not because they're ideal, not because I want Western civilization to go down in defeat, but simply because I see them as the least bad option.

I'd like to be proven wrong, it would be great if a Caesar could rise up and fix all this in defiance of woke acolytes screeching about "fascism", but it doesn't seem likely. And so, I now favor a "destroy-and-rebuild" approach for the West, in which we lose WWIII to BRICS, so that the rapacious, pious oligarchs get toppled sooner rather than later. From there, based factions can carve out functional republics & kingdoms out of the smoldering ruins of GAE. I wish it didn't have to be that way, but I'd prefer that outcome to slavery and continued decay.

Keep in mind, even a rotting empire still has strength, and if I'm right, then we need someone with the might to defeat GAE. If your city is being attacked by a giant monster, you need your own giant monster to take him down, ie Godzilla vs Ghidorah or like Neon Genesis Evangelion; I believe only the Russian-Chinese alliance has enough potency to fulfill this task.

tl;dr: I wanted MAGA to win, but if not... no Russian, Chinese, or Iranian ever called me a nazi.

PS: Caesar was pronounced "kai-zar" in the original Latin, which sounds way more commanding than "sea-zer".

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I am going to remain as if it is not my problem. There is fuck all I can do about it. I have zero power. I can only go with those who are trying to build their own system.

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"Swinging in the hammock of disengagement."


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Thank you for sticking to your principles when soooo many commentators are making absolute fools of themselves caping for either Israel or Palestine when both sides are just hysterical barbarians incapable of self-government.

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Absolutely on point!

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